We thoroughly believe that, by manufacturing products at our own facilities give us full control of the whole manufacturing process from production to finished fabrics. We have an insistent focus on quality and to achieve that each and every meter of produced fabric has been inspected by various quality standards to ensure defect free fabric delivery. NIKOL Advance Materials Pvt. Ltd. has advanced weaving capabilities to cater a wide range of product portfolio. From a modern and fully equipped weaving facility, we manufacture high-quality bespoke industrial textiles that are designed to specific requirements and use only the most advanced technology machines. We use high-speed Picanol rapier looms and wider width Sulzer projectile weaving machines as well as Dornier rapier machines, which accelerate our production set up for prompt delivery and superior fabrics.


At NAMPL, we can weave fine denier from 30 D to as coarse as 3000 D yarns. We can also weave width up to 3.9 meters and supply fabric roll of 1500 meters without joints. The ability to weave twisted yarn, mono filaments as well as untwisted multi filament roving gives edge to Nikol’s weaving capability. Over the years, we have implemented a full-scale R&D laboratory, weaving facilities along with a preparatory/sectional warping unit, which redefines our role as a weaver. With the annual weaving capacity of half a million metres, we are one of the leading technical textile manufacturers in India.